Flower Silver Beads, Double Horseshoe


Shubhanjali Evil Eye Hanging, Blue Evil Eye Flower Silver Beads Wall Hanging, Crystal Evil Eye Double Horseshoe Ghode Ki Naal Thread Hanging for Good Luck and Prosperity Decorative Christmas Gifts (Pack of 2)

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    • It Protects You – keeping an evil eye charm will protect from evil spirits and harmful forces. Horseshoe Ghode Ki Naal Wall Hanging.
    • Dimensions : Height : 7 inch, Width : 3 inch, Weight : 50 Gram. Om Wall Hanging Dimensions : Height : 8.5 inch, Width : 3 inch, Weight : 143 Gram.
    • It brings good luck – by carrying an evil eye charm said to magically give good luck, health and happiness.
    • It possesses good vibes – With blue as its main colour, It’s said to radiate positive energy and possess good karma. The light blue within it also represents the sky (symbolizing truth), which is also considered a force of protection against the evil eye.
    • It prevents from danger – Whether It’s you’re car breaking down or spinning out of control or the house becoming harmed by insects, flooding, wood rotting etc the evil eye keeps a protective glance over things to maintain peace and prosperity.