Evil Eye Wall Hanging


Eye Wall Hanging! This beautiful piece is believed to protect you from bad vibes and bring good luck. Hang it in your home to add a touch of charm while keeping the bad energy away. It’s not just decor; it’s a symbol of positive vibes and protection



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The najar battu home hanging amulets are created to protect against evil eye are usually called “”Evil Eyes””. The evil eye brings good luck and protects you from any ill-will that could otherwise have a negative effect on your well-being or your life in general. The Blue glass evil eye is meant to ward off bad luck.

Benefits of Evil Eye:-

  • It keeps all evil and negative energy away.
  • It lures in good fortune and good luck.
  • It strengthens good health.
  • It wards off danger and provides protection.
  • It possesses positive energy.
  • It brings in good luck in all aspects of life.
Weight 200-250 g