Rough Raw Stone

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What is Raw Rough Stone?

Raw stones are naturally occurring crystals that are untreated and untouched. The raw stones you find are found as they are from the earth. The shape and size of raw stones vary significantly because they are natural formations. Some of these stones can be gravel-sized, while some may be huge. The colour variations, markings, and ridges are all-natural, and some prefer raw crystals.

The raw stones usually have rough and sharp edges. Due to the rough shapes, some crystals may chip from the edges as time goes by. Generally, natural stones contain intense energy and have inconsistent energy flow. You can compare the energy from raw stones to that of a high tide, where uniformity is lacking.

The Benefits and Uses of raw crystals are:

  • Possess untouched natural energy
  • Helpful in healing mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual ailments
  • Provide positivity by driving away toxicity
  • Calms and soothes nerves
  • Used in therapies
  • Raw stones can use in a crystal grid

Where you can put your Raw stones?

Raw crystals are mainly used as home or office decor to spread subtle energy throughout the room. They are also excellent as dreamcatchers. Some people prefer to meditate using raw stones.