Bhimseni Kapoor

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What is Bhimseni Camphor/ Bhimseni Kapoor?

Bhimseni Camphor is different from the regular camphor. For instance, Bhimseni Camphor is edible in small quantities ,and can safely be consumed by most people. Bhimseni camphor is derived from a tree named Cinnamomum Camphora or Kapoor tree. It is best for medicinal and religious purposes and ayurvedic texts refer to this camphor. Plus, bhimseni camphor comes in irregular shapes and sizes since it is entirely natural.

Benefits and uses of Bhimseni camphor:

  • Bhimseni Camphor has been an inseparable part of home remedies and ayurveda-based herbal medicine for ages in homes.
  • Bhimseni Camphor helps relieve swelling, pain, toothache, and headaches.
  • It aids in getting rid of the fungus, precisely, nail fungus.
  • Bhimseni Camphor is known to treat insomnia and skin rashes.
  • Traditionally, Bhimseni Camphor has been used to counter head lice.
  • It helps manage pain and inflammation associated with eczema.
  • It can soothe fatigue if individuals soak it in water while bathing.
  • It acts like air freshener giving fragrance daily.
  • If you put on a handkerchief, it helps deal with the cold and cough.
  • It kills microorganisms and germs.
  • It promotes hair growth and sleep if massaged with coconut oil.
  • It acts as an insect repellant when burnt.

What is Bhimseni Camphor made of?

Bhimseni camphor is natural, crystalline camphor derived from the tree of Cinnamomum Camphora and pine. The camphor is made by the distillation process from the leaves and weeds of the tree.

How is Bhimseni Camphor different from Camphor Tablets?

  • One of the most common uses of Bhimseni Kapoor is that it is used in diffusers or kapur daani for fragrance purposes, whereas tablets are burnt during pujas.
  • It is edible and safer on the skin as it is used to treat mild burns, skin irritation, etc. However, regular camphor can cause various skin problems as the skin absorbs the toxic synthetic camphor. On the other hand, Bhimseni Camphor is quite safe as it is organic.
  • Difference between the two is that Bhimseni Kapoor often does not have a specific shape, whereas all camphor tablets look the same.
The other names that Bhimseni Camphor is known by are like Pacha Kapoor, Bhimseni Kapoor, Borneo Camphor, Barus Camphor.

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