Copper Swastik Pyramid Small Size


Vastu Swastik Swastik Pyramid hanging for Protection. Swastik Pyramid is a very Lucky Charm as Swastik is a Symbol Of Ganesha and Pyramids are used for Energizing According to Vaastu Shastra. Swastik Pyramid is a Sign of Protection and Purity which Protects your Home, Office or Car from Evil Sight and Energize your Place. Swastik Pyramid is Very Useful in a car. Swastik Pyramid Attracts the Positive Inflow of Energy. Size: Height 5cm Width 5 cmCopper “Swastik” or “Swastika” is an Auspicious Religious Holy Indian Tradition Symbol of Prosperity, Progress, Success, Positivity, Good Luck & Fortune & Wellness of Home, Office, Factories, Shops, Industries.



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The meaning of “Swastik” or “Swastika” is Prosperity from All Four Sides. Combination of Copper Pyramid with Copper “Swastik” or “Swastika” gives 10x more benefits, power than normal plastic Swastik pyramids as per the tests conducted by dowsing & energy experts. During the beginning of any new work, Swastika is drawn & worshipped as per Indian Tradition. It can be placed above the main door to attract positive energy and drive Incase of Vastu defect, Swastik pyramid can be installed at the defect area. Swastik Pyramid for Positive flow of energy and good luck. Swastik is a symbol of Ganesha. It is believed where there is the Ganesha symbol, nothing bad can happen. Swastik is drawn on the gates to prevent houses from evil eyes. The ashtadhatu Swastik which you can paste or hang on your doors or outer walls of your houses to prevent your home from evil eyes and bring positive energy in the home. Swastik Pyramid for siddhi, success in undertakings, and buddhi, intelligence. Lord Ganesha worshiped before any venture is started. He is also the God of education, knowledge and wisdom, literature, and fine arts. Swastik is the sign of lord Ganesha and pyramids are embossed on it.

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