Tumble Stones

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Thulite Tumble Stone

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What is Tumbled Stone?

Tumbled stones are polished crystals created from raw stones. They are treated to create a smooth surface. Tumble stones are usually available in pebble sizes. You can also find smooth and large tumble stones made of some unique crystals.

Due to the smooth surface, the energy flow from tumble stones is usually consistent. They spread the energy gently and softly. Tumble stones are highly revered for their capacity to create loving, harmonious energy & also tumble is used in meditation.

Tumbled Stones Properties, Uses and Benefits:

Tumble stones are available in eye-pleasing colours, and a collection can be placed as home decor. You can also create beautiful pieces from tumble stones if you are crafty. They are also popularly made into crystal jewellery.

  • Attracts positive energy
  • Spreads energy evenly in all directions
  • Deepens positivity in the aura
  • Helps in pain reduction
  • Promotes recovery from physical ailments
  • Strengthens spiritual connection

For therapeutic purposes, in Reiki therapy, tumble stones are used for meditation as they feel soothing to hold in hands. They improve tranquillity, concentration, and serenity.