How to Charge and Cleanse the Crystals

Do you use healing crystals to bring home peace? Or you could also be using your crystals to connect spiritually. Many use it on their office desks for better concentration. Oh yes, it works wonders. However, did we ever think even these crystals needed cleansing or charging? Just like you use your electronic device and charge them every other day, the same goes with crystals. However, charging crystals can be performed monthly to reap the benefits. Charging your crystals will amp up the crystals’ energies; cleansing them will purify your crystal by negating unwanted energies.

5 ways to Cleansing your Crystals

Running Water

Just like you bathe yourself under running water to wash out impurities, you can hold the crystal under running water for one minute at a time. Simply rinse your crystal stone with your fingers under running water to neutralize all negative energies.


Sage Leaves Bundle

The most traditional method for spiritual healing has been by using sage sticks. Burning a sage stick can help in dispelling negative vibrations from your surroundings. You can even try this method to clear inharmonious energies from your healing crystal stone. All you need to do is burn a sage stick in a fire-safe bowl at your window and move your crystal through the smoke. An ideal time frame to smudge the crystal around the smoke is 30-60 seconds. Don’t forget to set your intentions right while performing this ritual, as your thoughts play a major role while cleansing crystals.

Salenite and Sage Bundle Cleansing Combo
Crystal Cleansing Combo

Salt Water

Have you ever soaked your painful legs in warm salt water? If not, you must try it immediately because you will feel lighter, as salt has the power to heal you. Similarly, soaking your healing crystal stones for some time in lukewarm salt water will extract all the unwanted energies.

Don’t do this with stones like Malachite, Pyrite, Selenite, Angelite, Celestite, Kyanite, or any finely-grained crystal.

Palo Santo

Palo Santo Sticks

Be it a palo santo stick or a palo santo powder; both can help in cleansing the negative energies around you. Palo Santo is considered a sacred wood for boosting vibrations around you. Firstly, set your intention in a small sentence. If you are not clear with your intentions, you will be unable to cleanse your crystal. You can use simple phrases like “You are to be cleansed.” Light up the palo santo stick or ash powder and let it burn until it blows out smoke. Now, inhale the smell that surrounds you. Hold your crystal stones or products at a 45-degree angle and move them around the smoke. You can keep repeating this process until you see the smoke going away from the crystal. However, if you want to keep it simple, try mixing a few drops of palo santo essential oil with water. Now, spray this on the crystal stone and let it dry.

Selenite Tower

Natural Selenite Tower Point
Selenite Tower

Place your selenite tower where it won’t bother you because once you set them with visualization, it’s important not to move them. If you use multiple crystal stones for cleansing, place them in contact with the selenite tower for 24 hours. 

Charging Your Crystals

Natural Light

It’s proven that sunlight helps you gain all the required minerals and vitamins. If we can attain so much energy from the sun, crystals too can charge themselves up. Ensure that they have direct exposure to the natural light of the Moon and Sun. If you can’t leave your crystals outside, place them on your windowsill where the Moonlight or Sunlight can hit them. A full moon is the best time for charging crystals in natural light. You can place your crystals on charging dishes, Selenite dishes, crystal dishes or a plane cloth so they don’t get dirty on the ground

Selenite Plate

Selenite Plate
Selenite Plate

A platterful meal nourishes us with energy for the entire day. The crystal stones can also nourish and charge themselves up if placed on a selenite plate in sunlight.

Sound & Tibetan Singing Bowl

Tibetan Singing Bowl

How much does music heal you? It passes calm vibrations to you and your mind. You can chant mantras, play soothing music or play Tibetan Singing Bowl around the crystal to have it completely charged up.

The more you cleanse your crystals, the more energy they will pass to you. There is no rule book for cleansing or charging your crystals at particular intervals. So, cleanse them whenever you want.