Difference Between Raw Stones, Tumbled Stones and Cabochon

When you shop for crystals, you find them in different forms, such as raw, tumbled, and cabochon. Is there any difference? Do these forms differ in their healing properties? If you have these questions, read on to know the details that many crystal sellers don’t share. 

Raw Stones

Raw Stones Properties and Benefits

Raw stones are naturally occurring crystals that are untreated and untouched. The raw stones you find are found as they are from the earth. The shape and size of raw stones vary significantly because they are natural formations. Some of these stones can be gravel-sized, while some may be huge. The colour variations, markings, and ridges are all-natural, and some prefer raw crystals. 

The raw stones usually have rough and sharp edges. Due to the rough shapes, some crystals may chip from the edges as time goes by. Generally, natural stones contain intense energy and have inconsistent energy flow. You can compare the energy from raw stones to that of a high tide, where uniformity is lacking. 

Raw crystals are mainly used as a home and office decor to spread subtle energy throughout the room. They are also excellent as dreamcatchers. Some people prefer to meditate using raw stones

The Benefits of Raw Crystals are:

  • Possess untouched natural energy
  • Helpful in healing mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual ailments
  • Provide positivity by driving away toxicity
  • Calms and soothes nerves
  • Used in therapies

Raw stones are used in a crystal grid, where the stones are placed in a sphere or pyramid. They are energy generators; their most common use is as a love altar. 

Tumbled Stones

Tumbled Stones Properties and Benefits:

Tumbled stones are polished crystals created from raw stones. They are treated to create a smooth surface. Tumble stones are usually available in pebble sizes. You can also find smooth and large tumble stones made of some unique crystals. 

Due to the smooth surface, the energy flow from tumble stones is usually consistent. They spread the energy gently and softly. Rose quartz tumble is highly revered for its capacity to create loving, harmonious energy. Amethyst tumble is used in meditation. 

Tumbled Stones Benefits

Tumble stones are available in eye-pleasing colours, and a collection can be placed as home decor. You can also create beautiful pieces from tumble stones if you are crafty. They are also popularly made into Crystal jewellery

  • Attracts positive energy
  • Spreads energy evenly in all directions
  • Deepens positivity in the aura
  • Cleanse and Repair Aura
  • Helps in pain reduction 
  • Promotes recovery from physical ailments
  • Strengthens spiritual connection

For therapeutic purposes, in Reiki therapy, tumble stones are used for meditation as they feel soothing to hold in hands. They improve tranquillity, concentration, and serenity.


Cabochon Properties and Benefits:

Cabochon stones are treated and shaped crystals that are designed for Crystal jewellery making. Cabochons have a flat bottom with a doomed top. Cabochons are usually opaque. You can also find patterned cabochons that look beautiful in jewellery and crafts. 

Cabochon Benefits

Crystal Cabochons are widely used as pendants. They can also be made into rings and other types of jewellery. The flat bottom supports jewellery as it can be glued easily. 

  • Used in Crystal jewellery making
  • Drives away negative energy
  • Improves individual awareness
  • Improves balance and promotes positive energy flow 

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