Citrine Sterling Silver Pendant


A Citrine sterling silver pendant is a beautiful piece of jewelry. Citrine is known for its warm, golden-yellow color and is believed to bring positivity and abundance. When set in sterling silver, it adds a touch of elegance and durability to the pendant. Whether you wear it for its aesthetic appeal or for its supposed metaphysical properties, it can be a meaningful addition to your jewelry collection. Keep it clean and well-maintained to ensure it retains its shine and beauty for years to come.

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Benefits and properties of Citrine:
  • Citrine shoves out the negativity from the mind.
  • It leads to psychic growth with enhanced clarity and self-confidence.
  • It adds a flow of sweet optimism and tap into the powers of manifestation.
  • It helps in recognizing one’s intuitive power and inner strength.
  • Citrine attracts wealth, prosperity and success.
  • Citrine Pendant shoves out the negativity from your mind.
  • It possesses the inherent spiritual characteristics which induce positive energy and reduces depression in the life of the wearer.

Natural Original Citrine Crystal Stone | The chain is not silver alloy metal | Not including chain