Shiva Third Eye Agate Pendant, Sardonyx Pendant, Crystal for Intuition


Experience powerful protection and receive an abundance of blessings from Lord Shiva, using Shiva’s Eye Stone!

This stone is washed up on riverbanks in India and is carved into the shape of an eye.


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Benefits of Shiva’s Eye Stone:

It helps bring awareness to intuition and the awakening of a deeper subconscious.

It provides protection against the evil eye and clears negative energy.

It enhances extrasensory perception, intuition, imagination and concentration.

Meditating with this stone opens up new channels to one’s vision and allows for clarity to flow.

It brings forth new opportunities and advancements in spiritual growth and wisdom.


Products Size : Length 2.5 Cm x Width 1.7 Cm x Height 2.5 Cm Weight : 8.28 gm (Brown)

Weight 8.28 g
Dimensions 2.5 × 1.7 × 2.5 cm