Clear Quartz Hexagonal Shape Pendant


Clear Quartz is the most popular and versatile healing stone of all the crystals.It is the most powerful healing stone thought to be able to work on any condition.It is known as the stone of power and amplifies any energy or intention. It is said to protects against negativity, connecting you to your higher self.Emotional healing properties of Clear Quartz are associated with cleansing and purifying of the emotional body. Healing energy of this stone focuses itself on negativity and stimulates positive energy and thoughts.Clear Quartz is considered to be one of the most versatile healing crystals. It is a potent gemstone that is very popular with healers, shamans, and people looking for spiritual guidance. It is known that this crystal can work with any condition and it is considered as the best energy amplifier. Healing energy of this crystal is proven to enhance the strength of the person’s aura.

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  • Clear quartz is highly prized for its ability to clear the mind of negativity to enhance higher spiritual receptiveness.It is considered the master of all healing crystals due to its ability to magnify or amplify healing vibrations of other crystals.This clear quartz benefit is at the heart of clear quartz meaning.
  • Products Size : Length 2.5 Cm x Width 2.5 Cm x Height 4 Cm Weight : 8.73 gm (Clear).GIFT – Valentine, Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas, Friendship Day, Diwali, Gifts For Family and Friends. Stylish Daily/Party/Office/Casual Wear Accessories for Girls/Women.
  • Emotional balance, cleansing, purifying,awareness, positive thinking, reduces stress,acceptance, emotional healing, stabilization.
  • This Stone Pendant Are making from Natural Stones so there might be a very slight variation.This gemstone sizes(thickness) may appear slightly different from the Natural Stone.It may represent an entire lot of items so the pattern you receive may vary slightly to the one you see above but the healing properties of the product remains the same.
Weight 8.73 g
Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 × 4 cm