Evil Eye Wall Hanging 5 Inch


Material:- Glass, Evil Eye wall hanging 5 inch, Weight : 350 Gm Approx.

Evil Eye charm said to give good luck, health and happiness.It possesses good vibes.

An Ideal Gift For housewarming , New Car, Office.

This outdoor hanging decor is an ideal gift for all occasions like religious festivals, wedding, thanks giving, house warming & birthday parties and this showpiece easily attracts people’s attention.

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    Benefits of hanging an Evil Eye are:
    Evil Eye acts as a guard against misfortune like accidents, negative energy and evil spirits.
    Evoking tranquility and serenity, it fills the space with happiness, good health, luck, prosperity, and brings peace.
    It helps individuals to heal quickly from depression, fatigue, insomnia, the evil eye brings overall well-being into one s life.
    Radiating good vibes, the blue Evil Eye possesses good karma and protects against the evil eye.
    Blue evil eye Calm and relaxation , Open flow of communication.Evil eye hanging ring is hanged in Home, Office or car for continuous protection again evil eyes of the people who are jealous from your progress and happiness. This Evil eye ring can be used for adults and kids for effective protection from nazar dos