Tibetan Singing Bowl – Brass


Benefits and Uses of Tibetan Singing Bowl

  • It promotes relaxation and reduces feelings of anxiety.
  • As it is linked to decreased anxiety and tension, it is helpful in improving sleep.
  • It stimulates the immune system and produces beneficial changes in brain waves.
  • The vibrations of this singing bowl produce beneficial changes in the body by “harmonising” the cells and “balancing the body’s energy system.”
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Relax and set a serene mood for your meditation regime with a Sound Healing Bowl!

Dimensions Bowls

Big :- Lenght-14cm | Width-14cm | Height-8cm | Weight-980gm (Approx)

Medium :- Lenght-12cm | Width-12cm | Height-7cm | Weight-700gm (Approx)

Small :- Lenght-10.5cm | Width-10.5cm | Height-6.5cm | Weight-520gm (Approx)

With Stick

Material – Brass

Color, Weight, Size may slightly vary.