Top 5 Crystals Beginners Should Have

Top 5 Crystals Beginners Should Have!

What is crystal healing?

In a competitive and turbulent life, it’s challenging for everyone to harness a calm and composed mind. So, while the stress builds up regularly, we tend to ignore practicing to believe in ourselves and experiencing tranquility within ourselves, which increases our focus. Instead, we accept anger, stress, and negativity easily, deteriorating our health. What happens next?

We gulp down a couple of tablets and rest to return to our usual routine without changing our lifestyle. But, have you ever noticed that meeting friends often helps us heal quicker? It’s because friends help us soothe stress and relax while simply having a basic conversation with them. They act like meditating therapy for us. Similarly, crystals are also like friends who help us heal and provide comfort.

“Crystals are like friends. When you first make a new friend, you naturally sum up who they are by what they like, dislike, associate with, and have an affinity towards. They are beautiful to look at, great to meditate and relax, and soothing as well as comforting. Just like an old friend.” – Andrew Pacholyk

How do crystals help to heal?

While crystals are simple stones with physical characteristics, healing crystals emphasize balancing and purifying our energy. Michelle Roques-O’Neil says, “Crystals are different combinations of minerals that help purify, balance and realign by working with our bioenergetic systems,” after working on crystals for over 20 years.

What crystals can be used for healing?

So, here are the top 5 healing crystals that help bring harmony and eliminate all unstable energy from the human body.

Clear Quartz Crystal

The most remarkable property of clear quartz crystal is that it is connected with all the chakras in our body. As the name suggests, it is a transparent crystal that is an aid in manifestation. Using this stone in the house shall show the strengthening effects of purifying energy.

Our Clear Quartz Crystals Pencil Tower is an apt natural stone product for you if you look forward to enhancing your mental clarity and emotional stability. Apart from these, it also helps negate unwanted vibrations by clearing and activating all the chakras. This activation results in providing an energetic body because of a cleansed soul. However, if you know someone who chants mantras, our Faceted Clear Quartz Jaap Mala is an ideal gifting product with high-energy vibrations.

Amethyst Stones

Amethyst is semi-precious purple-colored quartz that helps in spiritual healing, attaining calmness and wisdom. This natural stone product is connected to the third eye and crown chakra. These protective stones help the best when they are close to the skin. Our Amethyst Crystal Jewellery Set will help in amplifying your energy with its naturalhealing properties. Amp up your style while staying away from stress by adorning this jewelry set regularly.

On the other hand, if you are a strong believer in Lord Shiva, we have an Amethyst Shivling in our product list that would protect you from negativity. Amethyst healing crystal will help you to overcome your fear and face the challenges whilst doing your prayers. Isn’t that amazing?

Also, if you want the corner of your home to look decorative, place our Amethyst Geode on your side table, and it will drive you to divinity by calming your senses without you knowing it. We have other amethyst crystal natural stone products as well on our list if you would want to use them on your office desk or home.

Rose Quartz Crystals

Rose quartz is one of the most popular healing crystals that oozes pure love. While rose quartz connects to the heart and throat chakra, it benefits family love, self-love and partner love. It is believed that rose quartz heals relationship problems by developing deeper bonds and promoting understanding. A Reiki master Keith Birch explains, “Rose quartz is a crystal of unconditional love that brings deep healing to the heart by opening the heart chakra.” It is also believed that rose quartz shows the best healing properties when worn closer to the heart. For this purpose, we have various rose quartz jewelry that will win your hearts. Ward off all the negativity for a perfect balance of pure love and emotions by using our Rose Quartz Palm Stone. It also helps in boosting peace, calmness and self-love. These palm stones will fit in your hand and are of palm size. As it is also considered to be a reiki healing stone, rubbing this stone on your hand or holding it tight while you are anxious will help you soothe yourself.

Green Aventurine Crystals

Green Aventurine healing crystal belongs to the Quartz family and is a silicon dioxide mineral. The unique property of this stone was reported in 1837 by J.D.Dan, that this crystal changes its color depending on the impurities around it. While green aventurine is associated with the heart chakra, it brings good luck to our life using it. Our natural stone products will urge you to get out of your comfort zone by providing strength, confidence and happiness. And when you have Green Aventurine Ganpati Bappa right in front of you, he will send you a chain of positivity.

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Gifting them our Green Aventurine Tumble Bracelet will undoubtedly change their lives by calming down their emotional body.

Black Tourmaline Crystal

While most crystals absorb all the negative energy from the surrounding, black tourmaline provides an extensive protection layer to those surrounded by negative energies. Therefore, our Premium Black Tourmaline Raw Rough Stones are majorly used for reiki healing. Most practitioners use this reiki healing stone for the distant healing process and to assist with energy vibrations. It cleanses and unlocks any energy blockages within your body or home. By wearing Black Tourmaline Double Terminated Pencil Crystal Rings, you can ignite the healing power within yourself.

Every healing crystal impacts our lives in different ways. All we need to do is have some faith and patience for it to work in our life.