Sugilite Stone with Sterling Silver 925 Pendant


Elevate your style with the enchanting Sugilite Stone pendant, gracefully accompanied by a Sterling Silver 925 plated setting. This pendant showcases the exquisite allure of Sugilite, a rare gemstone known for its rich and varied shades of purple, from deep violet to delicate lavender.

Natural Sugilite Stone with Sterling Silver 925 Plated Pendant


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Benefits of Sugilite Crystal:

  • Sugilite is believed to generate positive energy to protect against and overcome negative emotions and situations. Thought to be a nurturing gemstone, sugilite offers release from worries. It also promotes positive emotions to help relieve stress, establish peace of mind and emotional healing.
  • Sugilite is a very elite and powerful stone and has earned the nickname “ love stone of this age”. It relaxes your mind and allows you to take a step back and enjoy the present moment.
  • Sugilite is a powerful stone of protection and purification, believed to bring balance and harmony to the body and mind. It is also said to stimulate the third eye chakra, enhancing intuition, creativity, and spiritual awareness.

Natural Original Sugilite Crystal Stone | The chain is not silver alloy metal | Not including chain