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Protection Anklet is created using Tiger eye, black Onyx, Hematite known to harnessing their energies to ward off negativity and enhance inner strength.”

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Create a stunning anklet with a harmonious blend of natural energies by combining Hematite, Black Agate, and Tiger Eye chip beads. The sleek and metallic sheen of Hematite beads not only adds a touch of elegance to the anklet but also promotes grounding and balance, helping to align the body and mind. Complementing this, the deep and velvety Black Agate beads bring a sense of protection and strength, working to shield against negativity and enhance inner stability. Intertwined within the design, the warm and lustrous Tiger Eye chips infuse the anklet with a dose of confidence and vitality, encouraging clarity of intention and empowerment. Together, this trio of gemstones forms an anklet that not only captures the eye with its beauty but also resonates with the wearer’s desire for equilibrium, protection, and personal empowerment.

Length-30 cm (Approx)