Green Jade Crystal Key Chain Money Switch Word Symbol


Zibu symbols are the Angelic symbol and they carry and generate their own Energy. The more u draw them, more Benefit u get from them. Zibu symbols are for various purpose for eg. Love, Passion, Forgiveness, Healing, Harmony, Abundance, Prosperity, Union and many more.


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Green Jade Crystal Stone Oval Shape Zibu Symbol Wealth Talisman to Attract Money, Attract Business, Healing and Meditation, Spiritual Gifts

Green jade reiki healing gemstone is known nearly as good luck stone and is typically utilized in rituals with green candles, placed in cash boxes or drawers to attract money, with really pleasing energy behind it, and you can give someone as gift items because It’s recommended to figure through unresolved emotional issues. Green jade could also be an excellent piece to use to work with the Heart chakra and water elements.