Selenite Raw With 7 Chakra Chips, Keychain


Selenite Raw With 7 Chakra Chips Keychain


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Benefits of Selenite Crystal:

  • Selenite is the ideal crystal for clearing, cleansing and charging other crystals.
  • It dispels negative energy.
  • It promotes serenity and peace.
  • It magnifies the energy of other crystals.
  • Selenite promotes a healthy flow of energy throughout the body

Benefits of 7 Chakra Chips:

  • Keep all the 7 chakras balanced and aligned with this 7 Chakra Keychain.
  • This Keychain has seven stones that connect and open the chakras for the free flow of energy.
  • It reduces mental and physical stress.
  • It improves intellect, creativity and self-respect.
  • It brings good luck in life.

Avoid Using or exposing selenite crystals to water.

Please note: You will receive one crystal similar to the ones photographed. Photos show typical quality. Each and every crystal is unique.

Weight 5-10 g
Dimensions 1.7 × 0.6 × 4 cm