Garden Quartz Small Ball


Garden Quartz, also known as Lodolite or Inclusion Quartz, is a mesmerizing and enchanting variety of quartz crystal that features captivating inclusions and patterns within its transparent or semi-transparent body. These inclusions can resemble miniature gardens, landscapes, or underwater scenes, hence the name “Garden Quartz.” Each Garden Quartz mini ball is a unique work of art created by nature, making it a popular choice among crystal collectors and spiritual practitioners.

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Benefits of using Garden Quartz mini sphere

It believed to promote positive energy and harmony, creating a peaceful atmosphere.
It helps to balance and align the body’s energy
It is associated with spiritual growth, aiding in personal and spiritual development.
It can help clear the mind, improve concentration, and promote mental focus.
It helps you feel more connected to nature, bringing a calm and grounded feeling
It also contributing to the overall well-being of an individual, both physically and energetically.

Weight 10-20 g