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Emerald tumble pendants are pieces of jewelry that feature a polished, tumbled emerald gemstone. Some potential benefits of wearing an emerald tumble pendant include:
  • It increases creativity and linguistic skills.
  • It enhances communication, wisdom, and intellect.
  • One of emerald stones? most popular benefits is improvement in oratory skills.
  • The healing energies of Emeralds benefit the individual in gaining confidence and better expression skills.
  • The harmonious energies of this gemstone stimulate positivity and understanding between partners.
  • It is known to have the mystical power to bring good fortune.
  • The emerald stone has the ability to increase the power of reasoning and spirituality.
  • The use of emerald gemstones nullifies the negative effects of nightmares and evil spirits.
Product Dimensions:- Length=31-33 cm, Width=1-2 cm, Height=31-33 cm, Weight= 4 grams. (Chain = 28 – 32 cm)