Diwali Big Combo 1


This Diwali Combo Box Includes:

  1. Evil eye protection orgone pyramid.
  2. 7 chakra 100 beads chips tree
  3. Wealth Rangoli chips Candle holder
  4. Indian sage 25g
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Spread joy and blessings with Diwali Combo 1 – the perfect gift of happiness for your loved ones! 🎁✨ #DiwaliJoy

Combo consist of
🧿 Black Tourmaline & Evil Eye Pyramid: Shield against negativity, promote a positive aura, and ward off the evil eye.
🌲 7 Chakra Tree: Attain balance, harmony, and spiritual alignment for overall well-being.
☮️ Indian Sage: Purify surroundings, invite positivity, and create a serene atmosphere with cleansing sage.
💰Wealth Rangoli: Symbolize prosperity, attract abundance, and invite good fortune and financial blessings into your life.