Love and Peace Combo



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Love and Peace Combo includes Clear Quartz Tree – Positivity, Charging, Manifestation & Rose Quartz Rangoli – Love, Peace, Harmony.

Clear Quartz Tree:-

Clear quartz rocks have been appreciated for their lovely, reflective gemstone qualities, clear quartz healing properties and protective properties since ancient times. The name quartz comes from the European word quarz. Clear quartz stones have been, and still are, believed to be actual living things that take a breath only once each century.Quite a few cultures throughout time believed transparent quartz crystals were an incarnation of The Divine.
Clear Quartz Golden Wire Tree 100 Beads Products Size : Height 16 cm x Length 16 cm x Width 8 cm. Weight : 100-120 gm. (Color : Clear, Silver)

Rose Quartz Rangoli:-

Products Size : Length : 11 cm x Width 11 Cm x Height x 1.5 Cm Weight : 120-130 gm.

Diwali is just round the corner.. Let s make Crystals a part of our Festive celebrations!!
Shubhanjali exclusively brings Rangoli designs with crystals for you!
Rose Quartz Rangoli promotes and encourages Love Peace and Harmony.