Yellow Aventurine Raw Stones


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Raw Crystals are rugged and untouched by humans and machines and hence, the most sacred form of the gemstone. Yellow Aventurine is a gemstone with powerful attributes which can change one’s life in mysterious ways.
This stone represents self-reflection, prosperity, calmness, balance, optimism, and creativity.

It helps in sound decision making and helps to overcome doubts.
It enables one to overcome trauma and grief
It enhances self-confidence, self-esteem and self worth.
This magical stone brings prosperity and career growth to your life.
This stone has a very powerful ability to give inner strength and make one courageous.
It makes one very compassionate and awakens empathy.
Yellow Aventurine balances polar energies such as male-female, good-evil, young-old, etc.
It can be used to handle stress and difficult situations.