Wooden Lotus Cow Door Hanging With Rose Quartz


“Elevate your Diwali celebrations with this unique Wooden Lotus Cow Hanging adorned with Rose Quartz. Crafted from high-quality wood, this intricately designed cow decoration features a lotus motif, symbolizing purity, abundance, and prosperity—the perfect embodiment of Diwali’s essence. The addition of genuine Rose Quartz, known for its love and healing properties, infuses an extra layer of positive energy and heartwarming vibes. Hang it in your home or car to bring blessings, good fortune, and the spirit of renewal during the Diwali season. This handcrafted piece adds a touch of traditional charm to your decor and serves as a symbol of reverence to the sacred cow. Share the joy and blessings of this beautiful festival with this exquisite Diwali accessory.”

Wooden Lotus Caw Door Hanging With Rose Quartz


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Product Details

Size 16 X 3.5 Inches

Rose Quartz 2 Tumble Beads & 6 mm 9 Beads | Wooden 1 Lotus & 1 Cow.

Weight 100-200 g
Dimensions 8.5 × 37 cm