Tigers Eye Crystal Feather Kada Anklet


Tigers Eye – Protection, Grounding, Confidence, Courage, Motivation, Psychic Abilities

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    Tiger Eye has many healing properties.Tiger Eye also brings monetary gains to the users & improves the financial standing.Therefore, it is widely recommended for businessmen as well.It is good to wear this stone, which allows you to be harmonious in life, since it attracts positive people towards you who in turn make you an extremely positive person.Tiger s eye stone can help you survive through the financial crisis and make you financially stable.

    Tiger s Eye is a stone of courage, strength, will and personal power. Tiger s Eye stones stimulate the sacral chakra and solar plexus chakra to help you remain grounded and supported during times of stress.

    Tigers eye irradiates gentle, soft vibrations that promote peace and calm, even in the times of great changes and disturbances. It is especially suited for meditation where it increases courage, determination, alertness, patience, brings positive energy and relives depression. It can promote unity, self-integration and autonomy.

    Product- Anklet | Weight 5-15 grm | Metal Alloy