Citrin Cluster Raw Rough Stone,Superior Citrin Cluster Raw Caves Energized Caves/Geode

Citrine is any quartz crystal or cluster that is yellow or orange in color.Citrine Crystals are well known as potent healing crystals for you to use to aid you to manifest abundance and prosperity, but also have other properties, including to relieve fear and anxiety.It aid you to think more clearly, as their vibration energizes the third eye chakra.Citrine s energy and color are the reasons that this stone is associated with the sun. The stone drives out darkness and night fears and helps to protect against negative people. It also is good for prosperity.Natural Citrine Cluster Best Crystal for Happiness can be used in grid work and manifestation programs.Using Citrine can add power to any combination of crystals, and can provide a clarifying energy to enhance the environment. Powered by the Sun, Citrine warms, cleanses, and energizes.Citrine makes a great tool for transmuting negative energy.Citrine heightens self-discipline and willpower, attracting professional success and wealth. Used in manifestation rituals, Citrine works well in an energy-grid, with yellow candles and Clear Quartz and/or other Citrine Crystals surrounding it.Citrine is believed to be powerful for energizing and recharging, to reverse degenerative disease and to be highly beneficial for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Other properties can stimulate the spleen, pancreas, kidneys and digestion, help eye problems, increase blood circulation and cleansing, activate the thymus and balance the thyroid. It promotes creativity, helps personal clarity, and as an eliminator can relieve constipation and self-destructive tendencies. It raises self-esteem and being a stone of abundance.

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    Natural Citrin Cluster Raw Rough Stone for Reiki Healing, Vastu Correction,Raw Stones,Superior Citrin Cluster Raw Caves Energized Citrin Crystal Caves/Geode

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