Sardonyx Jumbo Tumble Stone


Your Sardonyx Tumble Stone is a small, polished gemstone known for its potential metaphysical benefits. This smooth, rounded stone is believed to enhance focus, promote emotional balance, and provide protection. Sardonyx is thought to stimulate mental clarity, boost courage, and improve self-confidence. It is often used in meditation, energy work, or as a pocket-sized talisman to help you stay grounded and centered. Whether you carry it with you or place it in your living space, the Sardonyx Tumble Stone can serve as a reminder of its potential positive qualities in your daily life.

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Sardonyx also helps to heal problems and diseases related to lungs and bones. It helps to regulate fluids and improves cell metabolism. Besides that, it also helps to make the immune system strong and disease-resistant. Each colour of the stone has its own specific healing properties.