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Benefits of Petroleum Quartz:

  • Petroleum Quartz also provides emotional balance, purification, and a deep connection with Earth Energy.
  • Its known to promotes mental clarity, boosts concentration, and helps you focus when creating, working, studying, or manifesting.
  • Petroleum Quartz is believed to enhance energy, promote clarity of thought, and provide protection against negative energies.
  • It is also known to be used in meditation practices to calm the mind and enhance spiritual growth.

One of the most beautiful, exotic and energetic of all quartz types. They derive their name from the unique pockets of golden oil. These trapped droplets of oil are incredibly fluorescent under UV light.

The properties and energy of Petroleum Quartz is the same as Diamond Quartz or Herkimer Diamonds but with a higher energy. They can work to enhance the energy of Moldavite and other crystals. The size of Petroleum Quartz is perfect to use in any crystal grids, body layouts, dream work, meditation, energy tools or jewellery.