Angel Aura Quartz Cluster Raw Stone


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    An ethereal crystal connecting you to the angelic realms Angel Aura Quartz!
    Angel Quartz is an exceptionally high-vibration crystal that exudes positivity and light.
    The meaning behind this ethereal stone is purity, joy, peace, and clarity.
    Benefits And Healing Properties Of Angel Aura Quartz:
    Angel Aura quartz radiates healing and positivity, making it a highly beneficial stone to be around from a physical, mental, and spiritual perspective.
    It soothes emotional or spiritual distress and also supports one by lifting their vibration and sending them some peace of mind.
    It boosts the immune system and soothes burns to the skin.
    It aids one in gaining mental clarity and helps vanquish anxiety or low-vibration thoughts.
    It helps in elevating one s mood, releasing the tension, and supporting an individual s quest for authenticity.
    Angel Aura quartz is also useful as a potent aura cleanser.
    Perfect for your crystals collection. All crystals promote a positive flow of energy in your home.