Lapis Lazuli Sun Moon Face


A celestial fusion of the regal Lapis Lazuli stone with the timeless symbols of the sun and moon. This extraordinary creation combines the deep blue hues of Lapis Lazuli with the harmonious presence of celestial bodies, symbolizing balance, enlightenment, and cosmic energy.



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Lapis Lazuli:
Known as the stone of wisdom and truth, Lapis Lazuli has a rich history dating back to ancient civilizations. Its deep blue color is reminiscent of the night sky, and it is believed to enhance intellectual abilities, stimulate creativity, and promote spiritual growth. Lapis Lazuli is associated with the third eye chakra, making it a powerful aid for intuition and self-awareness.

Sun Moon Design:
The intricate design of the Sun Moon piece features the radiant sun and the serene moon, symbolizing the eternal dance between light and darkness. The sun represents energy, vitality, and enlightenment, while the moon embodies intuition, reflection, and the cyclical nature of life. Together, they create a harmonious balance, reflecting the interconnectedness of opposites.

Key Features:

  • Meticulously selected Lapis Lazuli stones for their quality and vibrant energy.
  • Artfully crafted Sun Moon design for a visually stunning and meaningful piece.
  • Approximately [insert dimensions] in size, making it an elegant addition to any space.
  • Each piece is unique, with natural variations in the Lapis Lazuli’s characteristic gold flecks and pyrite inclusions.


  • Harness the wisdom and truth-enhancing properties of Lapis Lazuli.
  • Invite the harmonious energy of the sun and moon into your life.
  • Use as a focal point for meditation or mindfulness practices.
  • Elevate the aesthetic appeal of your home or office with this symbolic and regal piece.

How to Use:
Place the Lapis Lazuli Sun Moon in a prominent location to infuse your space with its cosmic energy. Utilize it as a centerpiece for meditation, allowing the combined symbolism of the sun and moon to guide you toward balance and enlightenment. Whether as a striking decor element or a thoughtful gift, this exquisite piece is sure to captivate and inspire.

Immerse yourself in the celestial energy of the Lapis Lazuli Sun Moon and embrace the balance of light and dark in your journey of self-discovery.

Weight 35 g
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 cm