Golden Healer Quartz Tumble Stone


Golden Healer Quartz ranges in color from pale yellow to deep golden tones. The coloration is caused by the presence of iron oxide inclusions within the crystal, giving it a warm and inviting appearance.

Golden Healer Quartz is often transparent and may exhibit a high level of clarity, allowing light to pass through the crystal.

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Benefits of Golden Healer Quartz:

  1. Healing and Amplification: Golden Healer Quartz is believed to have powerful healing properties. It is said to amplify energy, both within the crystal itself and in its surroundings, making it a popular choice for energy healing and spiritual work.
  2. Spiritual Growth: This crystal is associated with spiritual growth and evolution. It is believed to facilitate a connection to higher consciousness, promote spiritual insight, and enhance one’s spiritual journey.
  3. Chakra Balancing: Golden Healer Quartz is often linked to the activation and balancing of all chakras. Its warm energy is said to align and cleanse the entire energy system, helping to remove blockages and promote a harmonious flow of energy.
  4. Vitality and Joy: The golden color of this quartz is thought to bring warmth, vitality, and joy. It may help lift one’s mood, instill a positive outlook, and promote a sense of well-being.
  5. Intentions and Manifestation: Golden Healer Quartz is sometimes used as a tool for setting intentions and manifestation work. It is believed to enhance the power of affirmations and intentions, assisting individuals in manifesting their goals and desires.
  6. Healing on Multiple Levels: Golden Healer Quartz is associated with healing on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. It is believed to assist in releasing old patterns, facilitating emotional healing, and supporting overall well-being.

Please note: You will receive one crystal similar to the ones photographed. Photos show typical quality. Every crystal is unique & Color, weight, and size may vary slightly due to the stone’s natural characteristics.