Diwali Small Box Combo 3


This Diwali Combo Box Includes:

  1. 100 Beads 7 Chakra Tree
  2. Selenite Raw 25 gm
  3. Black Tourmaline Raw 60 gm
  4. Sage Bundle 25 gm
  5. Wealth & Success Candle 1
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Experience the magic of Diwali with our exclusive Diwali Combo Box, thoughtfully designed to usher in wealth, success, and serenity. Inside this box, you’ll discover a captivating 7 Chakra Tree, a pristine Selenite Raw crystal, grounding Black Tourmaline Raw, cleansing sage, and a specially crafted Wealth & Success Candle. The 7 Chakra Tree symbolizes energy alignment, while the Selenite and Black Tourmaline crystals cleanse and ground your space. Sage enhances the atmosphere, and the Wealth & Success Candle adds an element of intention and positivity to your celebrations. This combination is not just a collection of items; it’s a gateway to invite abundance and prosperity into your life and surroundings during the Festival of Lights. Elevate your Diwali celebrations with our Diwali Combo Box, where spirituality and aspiration come together for a bright and successful year ahead.

Avoid using or exposing selenite crystals to water.