Diwali Big Combo Box 3


This Diwali Combo Box Includes –

  1. Metal turtle on plate
  2. Wealth tree 100 beads
  3. Lotus candle diya
  4. Mental peace tumble kit with potli
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Unwrap happiness with Combo 3 this Diwali! 🎁✨ The perfect blend of joy for your celebrations

Metal Turtle on Plate: Invite prosperity and good fortune with the metal turtle on a plate, symbolizing wealth and longevity.

Wealth Tree 100 Beads: Grow your abundance with the Wealth Tree adorned with 100 beads, bringing positive energy and financial well-being.

Lotus Candle Diya: Illuminate your surroundings and hearts with the Lotus Candle Diya, radiating the light of positivity and spiritual warmth.

Mental Peace Tumble Kit with Potli: Nurture your mind and soul with the Mental Peace Tumble Kit, providing serenity and relaxation in a charming potli.

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