Citrine Cluster Geode Sphere


“A Citrine cluster geode sphere is a mesmerizing crystal formation that combines the beauty of Citrine, a golden-yellow variety of quartz, with the enchanting spherical shape of a geode. This spherical geode is filled with multiple Citrine crystals, creating a stunning and radiant display of sparkling gemstones. The golden hues of Citrine are known for their positive energy and association with abundance and prosperity, making this geode sphere not only a captivating decorative piece but also a source of positive vibes and inspiration.”

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Benefits and properties of Citrine:

  • It is like a success amplifier, enhancing your goals and intentions, making it a go-to for those striving for success.
  • It brings in prosperity and financial success.
  • It brings positive mindset, crucial for success, is believed to be supported by the uplifting energy of citrine, even in tough times.
  • It stimulate creativity and enhance self-confidence as these qualities are essential for achieving success, whether in the professional or personal sphere.
  • It clears negative energies, paving the way for a positive environment where success can thrive.
  • Citrine gives a natural boost, fueling motivation for long-term success by maintaining focus and drive

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