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    Raw Crystals are rugged and untouched by humans and machines and hence, the most sacred form of the gemstone. Aquaprase is a newly discovered gemstone variety of chalcedony with vibrant bluish-green color.

    It is ideal for people trying to bring about big changes in their lives.
    Swimmers, surfers or sailors, whose lives are connected to the flow of the sea can hugely benefit from Aquaprase.
    The bluish-green gemstone is known to improve the abilities to learn new languages, imparts mental flexibility and improves the immune system.
    It also has an anti-inflammatory effect and helps to keep blood pressure in check.
    It is known to promote good will and effectively absorb negativity from our lives.
    It also creates a harmony between the body, mind and emotions.
    It is also powerful to combat day-to-day stress and struggles with anxiety and fears.