Chevron Amethyst Raw Stones


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Natural Chevron Amethyst Raw Stones


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Raw Crystals are rugged and untouched by humans and machines and hence, the most sacred form of the gemstone. Chevron-Amethyst is a combination of White Quartz and Amethyst, mixed to form a V-banded or striped pattern. It’s usually a beautiful lavender, purple, or white in color. Chevron-Amethyst is also sometimes called Banded Amethyst or Dogtooth Amethyst.


It promotes spiritual ascension and raises spiritual energetic vibration
It assists in gaining clarity of thought and insight into any situation
It aids in the decision-making process
It heals past-life trauma by moving your spirit above and beyond it
It nurtures personal and spiritual growth
It reveals hidden layers of a situation so that you re able to better understand everything that is involved
It provides balance during life s ups and downs
It helps one to connect to their spirit guides
It promotes calm energy and relieves anxiety or worry