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Raksha Bandhan & Rakhi Festival:

Why Raksha Bandhan (Rakhi) is Celebrated?

Rakhi is an auspicious occasion where the bond shared between a brother and sister is celebrated. On this day a sister ties a rakhi to wish the best for her brother and in turn her brother assures to protect her. This bond is sweet like sugar and strong like a crystal.

Why choose a Crystal Rakhi?

What better way to celebrate the eternal bond of love you share with your sibling by tying a Healing Crystal Rakhi. These rakhis are handcrafted by Shubhanjali Store using premium crystals and are available in various stones and designs. Each crystal symbolizes a specific emotion and intention of gifting it. Today Raksha Bandhan is a day wherein people tie a rakhi to not just their sibling but with anyone who they share a special bond with like bhabhi, aunty, uncle etc.

Order Designer Crystals Rakhis for Bhaiya and Bhabhi Online

Matching Bhaiya Bhabhi Crystal Rakhi/ Lumba Rakhi:

While tying a Rakhi on your brother’s wrist is customary, the trend of tying a rakhi on your Bhabhi’s wrist is something you should consider with all seriousness. Raksha Bandhan is a beautiful opportunity for you to express your love and respect for your Bhabhi. When you tie a rakhi on your Bhabhi’s wrist, it is called Lumba Rakhi, and while the tradition is usually followed by Rajasthani and Marwadi women, women in other states.

Popular & Unique Crystal Rakhi Designs

Available in an array of stones in a wide range of styles and designs. Crystal Rakhis have gained popularity as it is something that is off beat. The dazzle and alluring glitter that shines like a brother and sister connection also carries the qualities of exclusivity and preciousness. These express the unique bond between the siblings, and the vibrant threads depict its vitality. These rakhis are created keeping in mind various intentions and healing needs like Health, Wealth, Success, Protection, Love and latest trends like Evil Eye Rakhi. The Seven Chakra rakhi will balance and align all the chakras. Every crystal Rakhi at Shubhanjali Store also enhances the bond in a variety of other ways. Rakhi this year won’t be the same because of these as well. In order to give every sister a wide range of possibilities, Shubhanjali Store is prepared to increase the joy by providing an astounding array of these. These are eye-catching and unquestionably fashionable on a brother’s wrist. To make your party, all you need to do is purchase a crystal rakhi online.

Buy Kids Rakhi Online

Shubhanjali Store has designed cute crystal rakhis in popular characters and most revered cartoons specially for kids to cater and suit their taste.

Unique Rakhis for Your Brother

Rakhi is a holy thread of love that strengthens the love of siblings. Every sister ties a rakhi to her brother on the auspicious day of Rakshabandhan. It’s not that only sisters can tie Rakhi to brothers. In fact, you can tie a rakhi to anyone with who you share a special bond of love and protection. Rakshabandhan is the day when everyone unites and dives into a flashback of memories.

Everyone wants to tie a unique rakhi as tying a rakhi has become a style statement. Choose your designer rakhi from an array of our crystal rakhis to surprise him.

Are you wondering why to opt for a crystal rakhi?

Crystal rakhis have several properties like prosperity, protection, healing, etc. Buy Crystal Rakhi for your brother to add meaning to a simple holy thread.

While Rakshabandhan is just around the corner this week, we have special Evil Eye Ultimate Protection Rakhi that brings in good vibes and provides powerful protection. Yes, it’s like going the extra mile, but it’s worth it!

Send Rakhi To Brother Online Anywhere

Raksha Bandhan 2023 will be great with Shubhanjali Store. This year something seems off. There is no guarantee that your sibling may be able to attend the celebration of Rakhi, which is only around the corner. Are you thinking of dropping the idea of celebrating Raksha Bandhan? Well, hold on because you don’t need to, as Shubhanjali Store’s seamless services and quick delivery options to send rakhi online can brighten up your day by bringing everything to your fingertips.

This Raksha Bandhan surprise your loved ones with a beautiful crystal rakhi created by Shubhanjali Store and makes it extra special this year.

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