Connect Ancestors with these Crystal

Buy these Crystals on Pitru Paksha to Connect with your Ancestors

What is Pitru Paksha?

Pitru Paksha is a Hindu festival celebrated in the lunar month of Bhadrapada by offering Shradh to the ancestors. During this period of 16 days, beginning from full moon day, people usually offer the favourite food of the deceased member to the Sun. This period is considered auspicious to provide happiness to the soul of a deceased member. This year, pitru paksha will be observed from the 10th to the 25th of September. Offering Shradh will make your soul happy too.

In fact, you can connect with those souls as well. Doesn’t it sound surprising to you? These souls are now known as angels, which are always around us. If we can connect with them, these angels can undoubtedly provide us with guidance and protection from all negative entities. It’s like therapy to stay infused with positivity, unconditional love, divinity and faith. There are great healing crystals that can help us to dive into this vibrational resonance with our ancestors.

Connect with Celestial Realms using Celestite Crystal

Natural raw celestine Cluster
Natural Raw Celestine Cluster

Activate your higher consciousness with Celestine crystal, which is directly associated with the third-eye chakra. So, while you gain higher consciousness with meditation using Celestite Raw Cluster, you can easily connect with your guardian angels. Performing this activity during Pitru Paksha will encourage you to have control over things you want and bring you peace.

Use Angelite Crystal during Shraddh

The meaning of crystal Angelite lies within the name. It lightens up your spirits to connect with your angel guide. Practising this is a therapy that brings immense protective energy by helping you feel safe. Using Angelite Stone to connect with your ancestor’s soul who has currently deceased during Pitru Paksh can make it easier for you to receive messages from them. Calming and soothing energy is associated with Angelite crystal, which promotes spirituality and spiritual awareness.

Feel the light aura with Selenite

Since ancient times, the Selenite crystal has been referred to as ‘liquid light’, which activates your crown and the third-eye chakra. Hence, you attain immense mental clarity along with divinity. Healing crystals like selenite can make you feel light when you often feel drowned by negative thoughts. Void all the negativity around you by hanging our Selenite Crystal Chunks Wall Hanging in your bedroom. Also, selenite is the only crystal which can charge other crystals by extracting all evil eyes and negative forces around you.

Receive Angelic Messages with Angel Aura Quartz

Angel aura quartz
Angel Aura Quartz

Although the name of the crystal says it all, Angel Aura Quartz has a strong connection with angels. Since this healing crystal is all about connecting with your heart and throat chakra, it can guide you spiritually as well as contact the angelic realm. During the Shradh period, use Angel Aura Quartz Crystal Stone while you meditate by closing your eyes and tuning yourself to the crystal’s energy. You can also receive messages from your angels if you regularly wear Angel Aura Quartz Bracelet Evil Eye and use it for healing.

Connect with Inner Harmony with Green Prehnite

Green Prehnite healing crystal is associated with the heart chakra and solar plexus chakra, which are responsible for evoking self-confidence, self-trust, abundance, peace and harmony within ourselves. This crystal is ideally available in peppermint tones with some yellow shades, which soothe our eyes and nurtures positive energies. Prehnite Palm Stone is specifically known to aid you when connecting with angels during Shradh, which helps you traverse negative to positive emotions.

Attain Spiritual Enlightenment with Seraphinite

Seraphinite Cabochon Different Shape

Ideally, the Seraphinite healing crystal is connected with all the chakras but closely connected to the heart chakra, which helps us with spiritual enlightenment and connects with the souls of the deceased person. Therefore, using Seraphinite Raw Rough Stone during the Pitru Paksh festival can benefit you by calling your angels to connect with their holy spirits and enhance positivity within yourself without interruptions.

However, many other crystal Angels can be used to connect with your angels, such as Amethyst, clear quartz, Lapis Lazuli, red carnelian and some others. But, every crystal stone will be of great help if you meditate in the purest form was without any selfish motive because one negative vibration will stop you from the positive aura. Once you have connected with your angel during Pitru Paksha, ask them your questions by being respectful. They will answer all your questions if you keep patience.