Bhimseni Camphor Benefits & Uses

Bhimseni Camphor (Bhimseni Kapoor) Benefits            

(Nagi Karpura, Pacha Kapoor, Desi Kapoor, and Patri Kapoor)

Bhimseni camphor is popular and natural camphor that has many names. It is called Nagi Karpura, Pacha Kapoor, Desi Kapoor, and Patri Kapoor. In natural form, Bhimseni camphor is obtained from Cinnamomum Camphora and pine trees and in crystalline form. It is distinctly different from regular camphor used more commonly in Indian temples. Bhimseni Kapoor has irregular shapes and sizes because it is a naturally occurring crystal. It is edible in small quantities, but children and pregnant women should avoid it.  

Bhimseni Kapoor Ayurveda Health Benefits

In Ayurveda, Bhimseni camphor is attributed with many health benefits. The mesmerising fragrance keeps your home clean and fresh. It is also known to bring positive energy into your home, as it is extensively used in poojas. 

Bhimseni Camphor Medicinal Uses

Natural Bhimseni camphor obtained using the distillation process on barks and leaves of Cinnamon Camphora is not like synthetic camphor. When you purchase synthetic camphor, you will usually find it in tablets of uniform shape. Bhimseni Camphor is not sold in tablet form because it is not processed. It has irregular shapes, and the fragrance of Borneo camphor is very different from synthetic camphor. 

Bhimseni camphor has the following medicinal uses:

Kills Germs In The Air

Bhimseni Kapoor is a natural air purifier because it kills germs and microorganisms in the vicinity when it is burnt. Generally, borus camphor is placed on Kapoor Dani and burnt using a match stick. It burns quickly, giving a nice smell and freshening up the air. It actively kills germs while it is burning. 

Insect Repellent

Camphor is generally an insect repellent, but Bhimseni Kapoor is even better. You can keep Bhimseni Kapoor wrapped in a handkerchief inside your cupboard or wardrobe to keep mites and pests away. Tossing a few camphor pieces around your bed will keep those pesky pets away. Some people prefer to purify the air in the bedroom by burning Pachcha Karpoor in their bedroom before going to sleep. When you have a cockroach infestation in your kitchen, toss a few Bhimseni Kapoor pieces around dark places and burn a couple of pieces every day at night. It will drive all the insects away. 

Helps Treat Cold And Cough

Camphor is generally considered a good remedy for colds and coughs. Vicks vaporub has synthetic camphor in it, and there is no Indian household that doesn’t have a large tub of Vicks vaporub lying around. Instead of using the synthetic version, you should choose a natural alternative, Bhimseni Kapoor. You can crush a small piece of borus camphor in boiling water and inhale the steam to get relief from a nasal block. For small children, you can tie a small piece of pachcha karpoor in a small cloth bag and keep it beside the pillow for a good night’s sleep when the child has a cold. You can also crush it with an essential oil such as tea tree oil and apply it to the chest and head to relieve a stuffy nose. 

Promotes Hair Growth

Bhimseni Kapoor is known to promote hair growth. Warm up some coconut oil with Bhimseni camphor and massage it into the hair at night. Leave it overnight and wash it off the next morning. It promotes blood flow into hair roots, strengthening the hair and reducing hair fall. This home remedy also promotes a good night’s sleep. 

Helps With Insomnia

People with insomnia can also take a head massage with coconut oil and a little Bhimseni camphor. You can also try burning this camphor in a Kapoor Dani to let the fragrance spread inside the bedroom. You can plug the camphor burner into one of the outlets in your bedroom, as the fragrance can lull you into sleep. 

Treats Eczema

Eczema and skin rashes can be relieved with the help of Bhimseni camphor. You can crush a bit of camphor along with Vaseline and apply it on skin rashes and eczema. The cool feeling of the camphor will relieve itchiness to soothe the skin. 

Treats Toothache

Bhimseni Kapoor has a surprising effect on toothache. Whenever there is a pain in your tooth, place a small bit of camphor on the painful teeth. You can feel the pain going away. It is okay to swallow a little bit of Bhimseni camphor because it is edible, unlike synthetic camphor tablets. 

Treatment For Head Lice

Young children, especially girls, are prone to head lice infestation when they attend crowded schools. If your child has head lice, crush some Bhimseni camphor in warmed-up coconut oil and apply it to the head. Let it sit for 30 minutes, and wash the hair out. Immediately comb through with lice comb to remove all types of lice and zits.  

Treats Nail Fungus

Camphor is good for fungal infections as you can apply it directly to the affected area. In case of nail fungus or any other nail infection, use a mixture of petroleum jelly and camphor and apply it to the infected nails to treat it. 

Natural & Organic Bhimseni Kapoor Uses in Pooja

Bhimseni Kapoor has excellent spiritual properties. The pleasant fragrance helps you to stay focused when you pray. Regular camphor is burned to signal the completion of the pooja. Bhimseni Kapoor can be placed on a small wooden Kapoor Dani and plugged into a wall outlet in the pooja room. A beautiful fragrance will engulf the room, helping you to focus and concentrate. Alternately, you can quickly burn some Bhimseni camphor to drive the negative energy away. 

Why Should You Use Organic Bhimseni Kapoor Daily?

All of us are leading a lifestyle that adds stress and anxiety daily. When you return home, you will want positive energy to surround you. If you run a successful business, there will always be jealous people who will affect your aura. Using Bhimseni Kapoor will reduce all the negative energy in your home and office. When camphor is burnt, and the fumes are released, it drives away low-energy vibrations. You can start your daily rituals at home and office by burning a small bit of Bhimseni Kapoor on a camphor burner. Tossing a few pieces inside your cashbox will also attract wealth and prosperity.

Bhimseni Camphor Burner

How To Use Bhimseni Camphor?

Bhimseni camphor can be used in many ways. You can tie a few pieces in a cloth and use it around your home to freshen up the air and keep positive energy vibrating. A camphor burner is a great tool for homes and offices to conduct daily poojas quickly. Place a small bit of camphor, burn it, and allow the fumes to spread across the room. You can crush it and use it with essential oil for multiple health benefits. 

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