Unique Crystal Rakhi

Rakshabandhan is a popular Hindu celebration that reinforces the relationship between a brother and a sister. It is observed at the end of the Shraavana month, and this last day of the month on the Hindu lunar calendar falls in August every year. Rakshabandhan is a Sanskrit term that means ‘bond of protection, care, or obligation.’ For the meaningful celebration of Raksha Bandhan this year, tie a crystal rakhi on your brother’s hand, injecting positivity into his life.

Why Raksha Bandhan (Rakhi) is Celebrated?

The bond between a brother and a sister is unbreakable. Brothers who fight all the time when they are young feel extreme love for their sister when she moves to her in-laws’ home after marriage. While younger kids celebrate Rakshabandhan just for eating sweets and getting gifts, adults celebrate it religiously to remind themselves of their loved siblings. In many parts of rural India, sisters will travel to their parent’s homes or brothers’ homes to celebrate the festival. In urban India, this festival is also celebrated with joy because people take a step back from their busy lives and reminisce about their love for their brother or sister.

How is Rakhi Celebrated?

On the day of Rakshabandhan, the sister ties a band called rakhi on her brother’s wrist, indicating their lifelong bond with each other. The sister shows her unconditional faith in her brother by tying a rakhi, and the brother promises to always be there for her sister and protect her. Sisters follow a simple fast before the rakhi tying to pray for a long life for her brother. After tying the rakhi, the sister offers sweets to her brother. The brother, in turn, offers some gifts to her sister, showing her that he knows what makes her happy.

While blood siblings traditionally celebrate this festival, many people also tie rakhi to the wrists of their voluntary kins to keep up with the tradition while ensuring the voluntary brother-sister relationship.  

Send Rakhi To Brother Online Anywhere

People don’t have the time to travel to other cities to celebrate a festival in the modern world. Video calls with brothers are now common among sisters who live far away. Now, without missing the tradition, you can send rakhi to brother online anywhere. Designer rakhi is available in numerous colours and patterns, and you can ensure that the unique rakhi reaches your brother on time. Your brother can tie the rakhi on his own, and you can use video calls to stay connected.

Popular & Unique Rakhi Designs

You can buy designer rakhi from Shubhanjali Store with crystals that are just right for your brother. Convey your love for your brother by bringing prosperity, calmness, fearlessness, and much more into your brother’s life. In their natural form, these crystals have healing energies that create a positive energy field around the wearer.

Evil Eye Rakhi

The Evil eye rakhi with Meena Beads is a charming rakhi that protects your brother against negative and evil thoughts. It provides a great yin-yang balance for your brother and ensures that your bond with him grows stronger every day.

Evil Eye 8 MM Beads Nazar Dosh Rakhi

Tiger Courage Rakhi

Instill fearlessness in your younger brother by tying this tiger courage rakhi. The carnelian beads promote courage and bring positive energy. If your younger brother has impatience and lacks concentration, tying this rakhi on his hand will make him calmer and more focused.

Tiger Rakhi

Wealth Abundance Crystal Rakhi

Bhai wealth crystal rakhi

When you don’t live close to your brother, send rakhi to your brother online to ensure that you will always remember him. This wealth abundance rakhi has citrine, green aventurine, and pyrite stones that bring wealth and prosperity. It is a great gift for your brother who is starting his own business or looking for a new career.

Butterfly Rose Quartz Rakhi

Butterfly Rose Quartz crystal Rakhi

Rakhi is not just for your brother. Make your bhabhi feel special, and strengthen your bond with your brother’s life partner with this beautiful butterfly rose quartz rakhi, which is also an evil eye rakhi. Your bhabhi can wear this rakhi as a charming bracelet, as it goes well with modern dresses.

  • Citrine – This crystal brings success, prosperity, happiness, positivity, and business growth. Rakhi, including citrine, is a great gift for your brother who is starting his own business or looking for a new career.
  • Rose Quartz – It is an ideal choice to foster love and happiness in any relationship. This crystal calms emotions, tension, and stress, making your brother feel energetic.
  • Thulite – This beautiful-looking crystal promotes happiness and self-love and attracts prosperity. Appreciate your brother’s love for you with a rakhi made of Thulite.
  • Yellow jasper – Yellow Jasper Crystal is a beautiful crystal that provides protective energy, positivity, courage, creativity, and motivation. It is a great gift for your brother, who is taking up the first step of adventure in his life.
  • Peridot – This crystal brings positivity by encouraging healing, protection, prosperity, money, love and health. If you wish your brother to have everything he deserves, tie a crystal rakhi that contains Peridot crystals.

Designer Crystals Rakhi for Ultimate Protection

While the world is adapting to the online culture, you can do the same. If you cannot visit your brother for rakhi celebrations due to some circumstances, send rakhi to brother online, and we assure you that it will be delivered to them at their doorsteps. It’s all simple! Browse through our website and check out our Designer Rakhi for bhaiya and Bhabhi.

According to the Hindu calendar, Raksha Bandhan celebrated on Sawan Poornima & this year Rakhi will be celebrated on 30thAugust 2023. Let your brother celebrate Raksha Bandhan on 30thAugust 2023 with your beautiful unique rakhis. Poornima will start 10:39:55 on 30 thAugust 2023 & it will last till 7:06:53 am on 1st September 2023. According to the Hindu calendar, Rakhi can be celebrated on both two dates till Poornima. However, you can send Rakhi or crystal bracelets to brother until Janmashtami if you’ve missed out due to certain circumstances & if they are unable to do so on Raksha Bandhan.

Whatever your needs, Shubhanjali Store has some of the best crystal rakhi designs that are trendy and popular. These rakhis can also be worn as a bracelet, and they can be a great piece of jewelry. You can order rakhi online or visit our Santa Cruz, Mumbai store to explore more options. To order online, check our website: