Rose Quartz Crystal Benefits, Properties and Uses

Benefits and Properties of Rose Quartz Crystal Products

Belief! It’s just one word but tends to wrap up the whole universe. Isn’t it beautiful to experience how our life changes with just one word? Everyone around us believes they will achieve what they want, irrespective of all the hurdles they face. The moment we start trying, the universal law of attraction puts all the force to help us the way we want. If one believes in recovering from ill health without any medicine, they get fitter than before once they recover. Although it’s a time-taking process, the belief changes the whole game. Similarly, crystal therapy is believed by many to help us holistically in multiple ways with the beautiful minerals they possess. The most used crystal stones are Amethyst, Rose Quartz crystal, and green aventurine to heal the bodies naturally and ensure everything around us is perfect. These crystals own the ability to connect with our internal body energies and communicate with the energy flow to help heal without any interruptions.

What is rose quartz crystal?

Rose Quartz crystal is a pink variation of clear quartz. Ever since 7,000 B.C., Egyptian and Roman women have used rose quartz face masks for a clearer complexion and to prevent wrinkles. In those times, this stone was used widely for art and craft purposes. Although this gemstone is available worldwide, it is technically found in parts of Brazil, Japan, the U.S, and Madagascar. This Bohemian Ruby gets pink from the traces of manganese, aluminum, silicon oxide and hydrogen atoms.

What is rose quartz crystal good for?

Rose quartz stone is available in light pink to red color. The deeper the color, the more expensive the stone. While measuring it on the Mohs scale, it weighed the hardness of 7. Possibly that’s why it is believed to vibrate with the spiritual number 7. As this rose quartz crystal is deeply associated with the heart and throat chakra, it connects the heart chords with pure love. According to mythology, this stone is believed to be richer than others because they possess the properties that sum up the ones of Aphrodite and Adonis.

Benefits of Rose Quartz Crystal

Rose quartz crystal work wonders in healing our soul, body, emotions, and mental state as they connect to the heart chakra.

Protect your body with rose quartz Healing properties

The climate around us changes regularly because of global warming, which undoubtedly imbalances our physical health. Do you want to prevent heart attack and thrombosis in your life? Using rose quartz palm stone while you meditate will help improve your blood circulation and ensure your heart muscles are intact. So, this way, you get an added benefit while meditating. One always needs to take the first step to get closer to what one needs.

Soothing Sleep with Rose Quartz Crystal

In ancient times, to-be-mothers used rose quartz throughout their pregnancy period. It is said that using this crystal creates a protective layer for the mother and child. Also, since rose quartz stone is known for universal love, it creates a special bonding between the mother and child during this period. A mother could also place a Rough Rose Quartz Mini Lamp beside her bed to create a positive environment around her. A Reiki master, Keith Birch, believes in using rose quartz under the pillow for a soothing sleep with gentle dreams. We have Rose Quartz Aura Tumbles to radiate gentle energies. He mentions, “You’ll take on the crystals’ soft, peaceful, soothing energies as you sleep. This will make your dream calm, peaceful, and loving, emitting a positive vibration.” Isn’t it as simple as grabbing a piece of cake?

Heal Your Emotions with Rose Quartz Properties

Do you know someone who is going through a disturbing time? Some pains and traumas can last a lifetime. However, if we note the positive side, some heartbreaks change how you see life. If you know someone who needs to heal from emotional wounds, a Rose Quartz crystal stone big pencil tower, Rose Quartz Crystal Tree and Rose Quartz Pyramid can be placed on their desk or used as a centerpiece in their home. These pencil towers help cleanse the emotional state, help in healing the negative vibrations and balance our minds.

Stimulate Sensual Imagination with Rose Quartz Crystal

Attracting love is easier but maintaining the relationship is equally tricky. As time passes, romance, attraction, love and intimacy fade away for most of them. If you want to reconnect with your partner, rose quartz is the perfect gemstone. We have rose quartz stones in various forms, but a Rose Quartz Swan Duck Pair, Combo of 2 Rose Quartz Love Switch Word and Rose Quartz Heart will benefit you by developing a closer bond with your partner.

Alter your life with rose quartz crystals by including them in your daily life with a belief in change to experience the magic of the universe.