Rough Rose Quartz Mini Lamp, Raw,Crystal Lamp For Table Decor


Natural Rose Quartz Stone. Rose Quartz Lamp

Love, Love and Love is what these pretty pink Rose Quartz Lamp will bring in your lives! Rose Quartz is revered as the Stone of Unconditional Love . Rose Quartz romance, love, beauty, and courage. Rose Quartz supports and nurtures self-love. It also brings forth love in all forms romantic, platonic etc.

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Rose Quartz Lamp


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Fill your space with love and light by adding a pink hue of a Rose Quartz Lamp. They add romance and a natural, spiritual aesthetic due to how the light diffuses and makes it look as though the crystal is glowing from the inside.
Benefits of keeping a Rose Quartz Lamp at home/any space:
It improves sleep, reduces stress, and dispels negative emotions like jealousy and anger.
It promotes love and feelings of calm.
It helps to amplify energies during meditative activities.
It boosts female fertility.
It’stimulates blood flow and the circulatory system.
It’strengthens empathy and sensitivity.