Crystals for Protection from Negative Energy

Negative forces and vibrations surround us all regularly. But, we tend to ignore them, resulting in a piling of negative emotions. We try to find calmness over a vacation or by meditating. Of course, they do help to find inner peace. However, there are some other ways to heal yourselves too. It’s trending to have healing crystals at home for decorative and healing purposes. They look attractive and possess excellent spiritual protection that keeps away bad vibes.

Bid adieu to all the nightmares, evil thoughts, anxiety and all other negative feelings by using crystals to protect negative energy. But, choose a crystal that suits your intuition and your desires. For example, choosing the tiger’s eye crystal will ward off all evil eyes and bring good fortune. Just remember to cleanse your new crystal before using it to reap the benefits. Here, we have found certain crystals that would help you heal better every day.

Build up Emotional Strength with Black Tourmaline Crystal

Black Tourmaline Crystal is the most alluring gemstone for its pitch-black colour and naturally occurring elements within it. The deeper the colour, the deeper this healing crystal gets to the darkness within you. Black tourmaline crystal is known as a crystal to protect negative energy as it cleanses your emotional body and helps you get rid of negativity like anxiety, anger, feelings of worthlessness, and a lot more. Black tourmaline crystal is also a symbol of strength for all crystal healers.

If you still haven’t chosen a rakhi gift for your sister, our Black Tourmaline Evil Eye Bracelet would be perfect, protecting her from negative energies and those who think evil about her.

Promote Wisdom with Black Obsidian Crystal

Black Obsidian is a healing crystal with sharp edges that is quite hard in its raw form. This crystal is beautifully formed by nature on the cooling of volcanic lava. While it is connected to the root chakra, it helps us with immense emotional and physical protection. You might use it as a decorative piece at your home or as jewelry to reinforce various healing properties by this crystal. This stone is usually used for Feng Shui, promoting wisdom, depth, and fluidity.

If your sister loves taking care of her beauty, our Black Obsidian Roller & Gua Sha is an ideal gift for sister, friend and love one’s that will drive her happiness to infinite bounds. Holding our Black Obsidian Palm Stone and rubbing it against your palms will help you soothe your senses while you are anxious to make big decisions. Elsewise, you can purchase Black Tourmaline Crystal Clusters and place them in a tray near the entrance of your home. They would make an exclusive decorative piece by the entrance and boost your physical health by improving your metabolism.

Transform Toxic Feelings with Tiger’s Eye Crystal

Tiger’s Eye Crystal belongs to the Chalcedony mineral class family with a silky lustre and brown-red colour. In ancient times, this gemstone was considered costlier than gold because it provided various benefits to different people. Some cultures believed it could ward off any evil eye, while others believed wearing this stone brings good fortune. This healing crystal transforms toxic feelings into positive ones by promoting self-confidence and wealth.

Attain the purest form of energy with our Premium Golden Tiger Eye Raw Stones, as they are rugged and untouched by humans. Keeping them on your office desk or study table would promote inner strength and self-confidence. If you know a lady who is a fashionist, our Wealth Chain Necklace would be an ideal one for her. Our necklace consists of aventurine crystal, pyrite crystal and tiger eye crystal, promoting wealth.

Keep the mind clear with Bronzite crystal

Bronzite is a crystal associated with a pyroxene mineral group and a birthstone of Leo’s. This healing crystal connects to our root chakra by activating our strength, love, focus, determination, self-confidence, and all the positive energies in our bodies. Since it is connected to the root chakra, it will also help us with clarity of thoughts. Hence, this crystal for protection is known as the “stone of courtesy.”

Bronzite crystal has the power to repel the negative energy back to the sender like a magnet. If you feel the negative vibrations from a person, Bronzite crystal is undoubtedly a healing stone to create a protective shield for you.

Each crystal works the best when it is closer to our skin. Our Bronzite Tumble Bracelet will give you a sense of protection, peace and harmony by nurturing your feeling of forgiveness. We also have Bronzite Pendants that will drag you out of exhaustion and fatigue by settling emotions in your life.

Release Emotional Baggage with Smoky Quartz Crystal

Amongst all the quartz crystals, smoky quartz crystal is considered to own healing properties of the entire quartz family. They are available in light yellow to dark brown shades, which amplify our energies with their unique qualities according to the depth of the colour. Smoky quartz is associated with the crown chakra. So, it helps to release all harmful juices from our mental and emotional state of mind. This crystal is considered the crystal to protect from negative energy as it releases our emotional baggage, helps stabilize our mind, makes us feel grounded and helps improve overall wellbeing.

With the detoxifying power of this crystal, you can control your mood swings by wearing our Smoky Quartz Tumble Bracelet.

Enhance Creativity with Malachite Crystal

In ancient times, Egyptians called Malachite Crystal a ‘God Stone’ for it could avoid the threat of death. This gemstone resembles the green colour of the peacock feather, while it is associated with the heart and throat chakra. Malachite healing crystal protects the wearer from all the negative entities, boosts the immune systems, heals cramps, eases menstrual disorders and balances mood swings.

If the green colour mesmerizes you, then our Malachite Pyramid is sure to opt for a storehouse of energy. You can keep this either in your showcase or desk, but it will revitalize you by removing blockages because pyramids are shaped inclined towards th earth’s magnetic field. Reiki healers widely use these Reiki healing stone malachite spheres for balancing the chakra and healing energies.

Choose what’s best for you by believing in yourself and the universal energy law because belief is the only constant that will help you lead in life.