Citrine Crystal Benefits and Properties

Citrine (Sunela/सुनेला) : Healing Properties, Benefits and Citrine Products Uses

Citrine is a beautiful yellow-colored quartz stone that is found throughout the world. You can find it in shades of yellow and even orange. Citrine has been popular among celebrities such as Joan Crawford and Greta Garbo. Citrine crystal has been used for thousands of years for its health benefits. You can choose to keep citrine raw stones as home décor to enjoy citrine healing properties and spread positivity in your home or office.

Citrine Healing Properties

Citrine (Sunela) is also popular as a birthstone for November. The lemon-colored stone is called citrine, symbolizing citrus in many languages. The yellow color is a symbol of warmth and sun. Citrine is widely revered as a crystal that represents illumination. For hundreds of years, people praised citrine crystals as they helped with positivity, happiness, and romance. In Feng Shui, citrine stones bring fortune and good wealth to the surrounding space.

Confidence Booster

Citrine tumble is a great confidence booster. Use citrine healing crystals regularly if you want your physical energy to glow brightly. It energizes your dreams, gives you willpower, and motivates you to work towards your goals.


The citrine crystal draws energy from the sun, promoting light and happiness. This crystal gives a feel-good feeling, infusing a positive aura into the environment. If you have a dull space in your home or office, brighten it with a décor made of citrine geodes.

Improve Clarity & Focus

Citrine is an excellent crystal for use during medication. Apart from instilling confidence, it also provides mental clarity. A clear and focused mind creates new ideas that bring in good fortune. Citrine can connect with wisdom and intelligence. It gives mental peace by clearing the mind from clutter. Regularly wearing jewelry made of citrine raw stone will help you to focus and overcome overwhelming anxiety.

Citrine Helps in Success, Prosperity & Abundance

Citrine was widely used in the olden days as a symbol of wealth. It is known to bring abundance and prosperity. To attract success in your business, decorate your office with citrine. You can even find Shree chakra made of citrine, which can bring good fortune to your office.

Citrine Supports Solar Plexus Chakra

Every crystal is known to have some power over the body chakras. Citrine is aptly related to the solar plexus chakra, which is a crucial chakra to personality and confidence. Citrine cleanses chakras and opens up intuition windows. It improves alertness and creates a spiritual connection. Strengthening the sacral chakra sharpens your focus and makes you more observant. Citrine opens up the flow of energy, manifesting creativity. It will help you to look behind the past and foresee a promising future.

How To Use Citrine To Enjoy Citrine Healing Properties?

Different types of products are made using citrine crystal and citrine raw stone. You only need to choose a product that is more suitable for you. There is nothing wrong with using more than one citrine product to bring positivity wherever you go.

Citrine Crystal Jewelry

The best way to get the citrine healing properties is to wear it constantly. You can find citrine rings, citrine bracelets, citrine pendants, citrine necklaces, etc., that not only bring positivity but also serve as a fashion statement. The crystal constantly interacts with your skin and can significantly boost your chakra alignment.

Visualize And Meditate

The solar energy of citrine provides excellent benefits when you meditate using the crystal. Just place some citrine raw stones in your hand when you meditate. For best results, visualize your goals and focus all your energy on thinking about how achieving the goals will make you feel accomplished. You can meditate about your dreams with citrine to quickly turn your dreams into reality. Experts suggest you thank the crystal after mediation to unplug your energy from the crystal.

Citrine As Home Or Office Décor

You can find citrine clusters and citrine cave geodes that can be used as décor items in your home or office. Liven up the space and bring positivity by placing citrine tumble on your desk. Before you start your schedule, focus on citrine on your desk and keep visualizing your goals every morning. You will attract abundance and prosperity this way.

Is Heat-Treated Citrine Good Enough?

Citrine raw stone is the best and most natural way to get citrine benefits. Some argue that heat-treated crystals also have the same potential as natural ones. Many times, crystals such as quartz are heat-treated to bring about a change in their color. Some people call heat-treated crystals fake crystals. It would be best if you always chose raw and natural crystals for maximum health benefits to get the best results.

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