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Mariposite is a combination stone that consists of green chromium that s rich in mica within a white dolomitic marble.It usually exhibits green colours running through grey, cream, or white-colored host rocks. Mariposite is called the stone of the night because it brings prophetic and phenomenal dreams, revelations, and visions.


Mariposite positively influences the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of your life.
It’stimulates self-expression in one s creative pursuits.
Mariposite reduces stress and eliminates fears.
It promotes clarity in communication between the physical, emotional, and divine realms.
It enhances an individual s aura and magnifies the body’s energy fields.
Mariposite is a very powerful stone that helps one to keep the balance in their relationships.
Mariposite is a loving and gentle stone that brings mercy, kindness, and unselfishness in all its forms and manifestations.
Mariposite helps one to align their energies and removes the energy blockages.
It’s a stone that cures your fears and instils courage in you.
It will promote an inner certainty, confidence, and positivity.