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  • Black Obsedian roller massage tool benefits-The most well-known benefits of using a jade roller include reducing inflammation and puffiness of the skin, reducing the appearance of under eye circles (especially if your roller is cold), stimulating the lymphatic system and blood circulation, brightening complexion, tightening pores, helping reduce the appearance.This dual-ended obsidian crystal facial roller can be used in your morning or evening ritual.
  • Products Size : Length 14 cm x Width 5.5 cm x Height 2 cm | Weight : 55 gm Approximately|Rejuvenate your skin with the ancient anti-aging tool called the Obsedian roller. Used to tighten and tone your skin this facial roller is sure to enhance your beauty inside and out.
  • Benefits of Using A Face Roller: 1)Cools & soothes your skin 2)Increases circulation 3)Supports anti-aging 4)Reduces jaw & brow tension 5)Eases puffiness & increase Lymphatic Drainage Massage 5)Distributes skincare product.
  • After applying your skincare, take the facial roller and roll from the center of your face up and outwards towards your temples. On the forehead, roll in an upwards motion.Repeat the same motion on the sides of your nose for a completed facial massage.To massage the jawbone, use short strokes starting at the chin, and roll toward the bottom of the ears.
  • NOTE:-As our crystal are natural beauties, each crystal may vary slightly in size & clarity.To clean your Crystal Roller, simply use a gentle soap with warm water and dry thoroughly.This is a delicate beauty tool made from natural stone, so please take care when handling.