Wealth Tree (Big)


Wealth Tree: A wealth tree is made of crystals associated with prosperity and good luck. It attracts wealth, growth, and protection. It is a great choice for someone starting to try new things with their business.

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    A customised bead tree specially curated with crystals that promote good luck, prosperity, wealth, protection and growth.
    This tree consists of crystals like Citrine, Green Aventurine, Green Jade & Tiger Eye.
    It also increases opportunities in business and career and removes obstacles and blockages in growth.
    Place this tree in your workplace or living area.
    This Tree contains more than 2500 beads
    Product Dimensions: Length=61-65 cm, Width= 15 cm, Height=61-65 cm, Weight= 1440 grams,
    Weight 1440 g
    Dimensions 61 × 15 × 61 cm