Tiger Eye Free Form Points


Tiger Eye – Protection, Confidence, Balance, Physical Strength

Tiger Eye is renowned as the Stone of Protection, as it wards off all the negativity away. Tiger s eye is also a very protective stone which is especially protective during travel.

-It is known as the Stone of Courage .
-It clears negativity and offers protection.
-It helps build self-confidence and provides a sense of security.
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Shubhanjali-Tiger Eye Crystal Point


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A crystal point is the ideal ally for when you need to focus and direct energy into your aims. Raw crystals possess the purest and most potent energy.
Tiger s Eye dispels negative energy and transmutes negative into positive energy.
Tiger s Eye is an amazing amulet for dispelling fear, and bringing positive powers of transformation into everyday life.
It is a powerful stone that releases anxiety, fear, and aids harmony.
It inspires taking action and helps to make decisions with judgment and understanding of emotions.
It also brings many different opportunities and benefits to the wearer.
Tiger Eye reduces the chronic pains, improves the strength of spines, and detoxifies the body.
It brings good fortune.
It helps in recognizing one s needs in relation to others.