Citrine Tree In Chips Stone With Water Fountain Tree


Citrine is associated with positive energy, abundance, and prosperity. It is believed to carry the energy of the sun and is often used for manifestation and attracting wealth.

The use of citrine chip stones in the tree design is intended to infuse the surrounding space with these positive vibrations.

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A Citrine Tree in Chips Stone with a Water Fountain combines the beauty of citrine crystals with the calming and flowing element of a water fountain. Here’s a description of this decorative and potentially metaphysical piece:

Base and Structure:

  • The base of the fountain is typically made of durable material like resin or metal, providing stability and support.
  • The structure features a tree made from citrine chip stones, arranged to resemble branches and foliage. Citrine is a variety of quartz known for its warm, golden-yellow color.

Water Fountain Feature:

  • The citrine tree often incorporates a water fountain feature. Water is pumped to flow over the citrine chips, creating a gentle and relaxing sound as it cascades down the structure.
  • The water fountain not only adds a calming ambiance but also enhances the visual appeal of the citrine tree.

Indoor and Outdoor Use:

  • Depending on its size and construction, this item can be used both indoors and outdoors. Indoor versions are often designed for tabletops, desks, or meditation spaces, while larger outdoor versions may be featured in gardens or on patios.

Decorative Purpose:

  • Aesthetic Appeal: Apart from any metaphysical beliefs, the Citrine Tree with Water Fountain serves as a visually appealing and decorative item. The golden glow of the citrine combined with the gentle flow of water creates a serene atmosphere.

Care and Maintenance:

  • Water Level: Regularly check and maintain the water level in the fountain to ensure smooth operation.

Dimensions Length- 11 inch | Width-8 inch | Height-20 inch | Weight-6.200 kg (Approx)

Weight 6200 g
Dimensions 28 × 20 × 50 cm