Black Rutile Free Form Point


Black Rutilated Quartz can amplify absorbed energy. It is a gemstone that can cover all steps for energy: purify, absorb, and amplify. It is a best stone for people who want to make their circulation of energy and luck better.
Black Rutilated Quartz is not going to affect your romantic life so you don t have to gift it or carry it with yourself to improve your love life situation.
-Depression, Trauma
-Dissolve Negative Energy
-Business Deals, Financial Decisions
-Energy Amplification
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    Black Rutile dual-action stone bracelet has a beautiful natural color and It’s known for its positive use of personal powers to achieve goals. Black Rutilated Quartz, also called Morison or smoked, is one of the most powerful stones to be used in therapeutic techniques with crystals, in order to stimulate and purify this energy center.

    Weight 89 g
    Dimensions 3.8 × 3.2 × 7 cm